Woman On Top Sexual Positions 

Giving the Woman A Taste Of Dominance

Woman on top sex positions

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

Women in control sex positions are the counterpoint of those with the man on top: there's a reversal of roles which can turn sex into a sizzling session of orgasmic excitement.

These sexual positions allow both partners to experience the other side of their natures: for the woman, the dominant, "Give it to me now, I'm in charge" power of leading and controlling; for the man, the more passive "I'm just going to lie back and let you have me" feeling of being taken by his woman.

They are exciting sex positions, not just because they ring the changes, but because they do things no other position can do.

Sure, there's the role reversal we talked about above, but there's much more to the popularity of woman on top sex than just its different flavor.

For one thing, a woman who's riding her man's cock has the power to lean and move into the positions that make his penis tickle her G-spot.

She's going to get much more pleasure from sex in this way: add in the fact that she can grind her clit against his body, and you have a recipe for a rapid climax - or at least ensuring her man knows how to make a woman come during sex.

Now, if you're a woman and you want to make a man fall in love with you, knowing all about the best sex positions and keeping your sex life exciting is essential. We'd recommend the advice you can find here about how to make a man love you!

This might not be everyone's hottest shot, but for those women who have difficulty reaching orgasm from penetration, and who want the pleasure of throbbing around their man's erection as they come, it's no small deal.

There's another thing too: a woman's sexuality, when aroused, is just as intense - if not more so - than a man's, yet it rarely gets a chance to show itself in its full glory.

So here's the ideal position for a display of sheer wantonness, of intense female sensuality at its most overt - arousing, glorious celebration of female sexuality and female sexual power. 

I often wonder how much female sexual power depends on being attractive to a man. A lot, I suspect. In which case, you may wish to consider using some kind of diet or fitness plan to improve your health and get slimmer. See the photo for more information.

Pretty much all of the sexual positions illustrated on this page allow a woman to pleasure her clit with the friction of rubbing on her partner's body, and to stimulate her G spot with her partner's penis in any way she chooses: she has the dominant position, she doesn't have the weight of her partner on top of her, and she can move much more freely.

It's up to her, but if she wants to take her pleasure, then this is the position in which to do so.

So here's the first one for you to try. It's the one we all think of when we hear the words "Do you want to go on top, darling?"

The woman sits on her man, almost in a kneeling position; he has his legs either outstretched flat on the bed, or he brings them up slightly at the knees - this increases his feeling of contact with her body and can add an extra sexy spice to the position as his balls press against her vulva!

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

She can lean either forwards or backwards in whatever way most suits the couple's penis and vagina - the angle of his dangle and the angle of her vagina will together determine which of these positions is the one that gives you the biggest sexual thrills!

But most likely if you're a man graced with a hard stiff cock which has a tendency to stick straight up along your belly when it's erect, you won't be able to accommodate the positions shown here, where the woman is leaning back: sex in this position will simply bend your penis too far to be comfortable.

You can work out how far you as a couple can go - but she's likely to want more of this than you are, because it presses your penis on those delightfully sensual areas of her vaginal wall - the ones that are most stimulated by sexual thrusting.

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

So the next pics show another take on the same deal: having her lean forward. This is the sex position for when you're both feeling intimate and sexy.

You can kiss, cuddle, enjoy the sensations of your bodies pressing against each other, fondle breasts, buttocks, and balls, and reach down to play with her clitoris and feel yourself entering her vagina.

And she still has flexibility with her legs - she can move them back or forwards as you see here to get the greatest pleasure:

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

To take the position a step further, you can adapt it to an "edge-of-the-bed-woman-on-top" scenario. See the first picture below. She's got loads of thrusting pelvis power and she can ride you just as fiercely as she likes.

For you as a man, accustomed to taking charge in the man on top or rear entry sexual positions, this kind of position can be a great relief - at last, you can just lie back and enjoy it!

And enjoy it you will - it's so exciting to feel her hotness and wetness riding up and down your shaft: in fact, it's an experience that can transport you to a different level of sexual pleasure.

When you add in the fact that she can ride you back and forth and move her hips in a circular pattern as well, it's no mystery why woman on top seems to be a hot favorite of almost everyone!

Sex positions.jpg 

And for more thrills how about turning woman on top into a sitting sex position? Woman on top sex makes it easier to move into other positions than just about any other position in the sexual repertoire.

And if you read the page on sitting sex, you'll know that it's wonderfully intimate, cuddly, and emotionally connecting (and great for making sex last a long time, too!). here's how you might do it:

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

Now, see the point about how flexible your penis has to be to take this position. Not all men will be able to do this, and fewer will be able to enjoy it:

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

Here's a thought - you like the sight of her bottom while you make love, right? It's what makes sex in the rear entry position so wonderful for men - the powerful stimulus of her buttocks inviting your cock into that moist crevice! OK, well how about combining the best of the woman on top sexual position with the best of the rear entry position - have a look at this punchy position:

Sex Positions

And why would you want to make the positions below part of an excursion into woman on top sex? Simply because it is fun! And if you have problems in bed, male sexual dysfunction is described here in detail!

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg


Advantages and disadvantages of the woman on top sex position!


All the variations of woman on top sex are powerful positions for a woman. She has the dominant role, so she can control the pace and the speed of sex, the depth of thrusting, and the angle of penetration.

All of these factors allow her to enjoy sex more by making it into an experience that allows her to satisfy her desire for pleasure and giving her control over the exact interaction of penis and vagina that gives her the most pleasure.

She can lean forward or backward as she chooses to allow his erect penis to stimulate her G-spot to best advantage.

By spinning things out - usually by slowing the pace of sex down to suit herself - she may stand a much better chance of getting more aroused and having an orgasm before her partner has come.

What's more, this sex position allows her to tease her partner to distraction by raising and lowering herself on his erect penis as she kneels or squats over him.

Such slow teasing, especially with shallow thrusts, can again give her a feeling of sexual power and a sense of control - not to mention the fact that her man will be entirely at her mercy when she has him in this position!

Men often find woman on top sexual positions very restful - instead of leading, initiating and controlling sex, while simultaneously worrying about how quickly they are going to come, they can lie back and enjoy receiving their partner's loving attention - a luxurious, sensuous, and for most men, extremely pleasurable experience.

A woman who can sense when her man is about to ejaculate, and then slow things down so that he will be able to last longer during sex, will be rewarded by the intensity of her partner's ejaculation and orgasm when she finally rides him to orgasm.

This sense of control can be extremely arousing for her as well.

It's a position that allows men to relax and in turn pay more attention to their partner's whole body. Instead of centering on her vagina and clitoris, they can stoke, caress and kiss her whole body - things which can be very important to a woman, who does not necessarily want to come at the expense of being touched all over.

The couple can kiss as they make love if she lies full-length on top of him, effectively turning this into a woman on top missionary position.

This sex  position also allows her to move her legs together and apart, which will tighten and relax her vagina, giving him more pleasure (though also making him come more quickly) the tighter it is.

But the sensations as she does this can be almost unbearable for him - unbearably pleasurable, that is!

She can face away or towards her man, which will produce different sensations on her G-spot and allow her to choose exactly which variation of sex in this position she finds most satisfying.

If the woman rides her man while facing him, he can caress her breasts, body, clitoris  and buttocks, and, with a bit of a stretch, reach down and feel his penis sliding in and out of her vagina.

When a woman rides her man while facing away from him, he can see his penis sliding in and out of her vagina, so he'll enjoy the sight of his lubricated penis penetrating her repeatedly.

This can give him the sheer raunchy pleasure of the rear entry sex position, but his penis doesn't place the same level of friction on his partner's G spot and vagina as it does in straightforward rear entry, which can sometimes be uncomfortable for a woman.

This mostly depends on the size and shape of her partner's penis. If he is especially well-endowed, she will also avoid the discomfort of the very deep penetration that results from rear entry sex.

All in all, sex in this position is a great combination of rear entry and woman on top.

Since a woman can control the pace and power of the thrusts, she may well be able to find a position in which she can stimulate her clitoris so that she reaches orgasm during penetration.

For men who favor breasts over buttocks in their partner (in the sense that they are more turned on by breasts than buttocks, I mean!), woman on top sex in the woman facing forward position provides a delightful opportunity to fondle and cup her breasts.

With a bit more effort, the man can lean forward and kiss and suck on her nipples, which may add to his partner's arousal and pleasure.

Disadvantages of sex in the woman on top position:

The man's ability to make hip thrusts is rather limited, though this may be a big advantage if it slows down his progress towards ejaculation and orgasm!

Men who need to be in control may find they feel uncomfortable when they have sex in the female-dominant position. 

Men who have a hard, upright erection that lies against their belly may not be comfortable in the reverse woman on top, i.e., woman on top sex where the woman faces away from the man. The angle of the penis tends to be rather bent down in a way that is unnatural for the harder, smaller erection (or indeed a larger one that has the same sharp upward angle).

If the woman is squatting over her partner as she rides him, she may find that her knees and thighs are under some strain. But there are plenty of variations which will allow her to take a more relaxed position.

Some couples feel that this sexual position is less intimate. But sometimes you just need a raunchy session of fun in bed! 

Although it's hard to think of any real disadvantages of this position, there is one danger worth mentioning: if she's riding him so hard that she comes off his penis, then descends downwards before she can stop herself, so that she squashes his cock between her perineum and his body, it can result in a penile fracture, a painful and potentially damaging injury which needs emergency medical attention.

You'll know if this has happened since the pain is excruciating, and the sound of the wall of the fibrous internal erectile chamber of the penis snapping is rather loud!  


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