Unusual Sexual Positions

Standing, Kneeling and Sitting Sex

Standing, kneeling and sitting sexual positions

Whatever your reason for trying these more vertically oriented sexual positions, or even making love when you're sitting or kneeling, there's plenty of scope for experimentation.

Whether you keep them as a regular dish for your sexual mealtime or you just snack on them occasionally, they can all add a tasty element to your lovemaking!

Most men like to experiment with sex, perhaps more so than women. But most couples return to a set routine of sexual positions that have become their favorites - often at the expense of other sexual positions that could give them greater sexual satisfaction if they experimented a little bit.

So one advantage of all these sexual positions is that they offer the potential for some new excitement and physical pleasure.

Sitting sexual positions

You might think of sitting sex as involving a chair - and so it can! But there's another way of making sitting sex into an enjoyable interlude, and that's to include it in the flow of sex as you move from one sexual position to another in a prolonged session of lovemaking.

In the pictures below, the couple have moved from woman on top to kneeling to sitting in one easy sequence. 

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

Sitting sex, especially sitting sex in a chair, is especially good for producing an almost meditative state, a relaxed and dreamy state of mind where a couple can allow themselves to drift off without feeling pressured to perform or keep sex going.

It's certainly not a sex position suitable for vigorous sex: it's much more for slow, sensuous, thoughtful sex where the couple can kiss lovingly and tenderly.

When a woman is sitting on top of her man in the chair sex position, she is much more in control of sex than he is. She can move gently up and down, embrace him more or less tightly, or rock her pelvis back and forth - all movements which will produce different sensations and waves of sexual and emotional feelings.

If she is supple enough and confident enough, she can even lean as far back as she can get, though like the woman on top positions, this may bend her man's penis further down than is comfortable for him.

There is one variation of these sexual positions which is suitable for wilder, more abandoned sex, and that's the edge of the bed sex position.

The man sits on the edge of the bed, his legs dangling over the edge, and his partner sits on him, facing him, her legs bent at the knees and her shins resting on the edge of the bed outside her man's legs.

She can hold his shoulders and the man can place his feet on the floor to give them stability. In this sex position a woman can rotate her hips so as to produce strong sensations of friction between her clit and his body, and on his penis in her vagina.

This sexual position seems to be the least popular of all, according to most surveys. This must be for a reason! That might be that we are simply accustomed to having sex in a bed, or it could be because it's quite difficult to get good penetration and ease of movement.

If a man is sitting and the woman is going to ride him, she has to have somewhere to put her legs.

The pictures above show how she can do this. Obviously these sexual positions will require more physical effort and feel less comfortable than a sexual position where both partners' bodies are supported by a bed or the floor.

Sex positions

Sex positions.jpgStanding sex may require considerable physical effort to achieve penetration and - if he is to keep his penis in her vagina, unless it's a case of straightforward rear entry sex with the man standing and the woman bending over, although even here the difference in height between the man and the woman may be a problem when it comes to penetration.

If the couple is trying a more adventurous and strenuous posture, such as him holding her around her ass with her feet off the floor (perhaps with her legs locked around his legs or waist) as she rides his penis, he will need real strength to maintain the posture - the danger being that if he lets her slip, his penis will be bent downwards and injured. 

Often these sex positions seem very exciting when a couple are in the mood for an urgent bout of sex, desperate for a quickie, so to speak, but in practice they don't live up to the excitement - the physical effort involved, the tendency for the man to come very quickly, the lack of intimate touch, and so on, all tend to diminish the pleasurable sensations and make standing sex a brief and perhaps slightly disappointing affair.

On the other hand, if you just want a quick and intense orgasm, it can work well. And remember that successful sex is not all about techniques - it is also about emotional connection, love and affection. You can find out more here.

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg Sexual positions picture Sex positions.jpg

Standing sex is probably the most difficult for the majority of people.

For one thing, you both need to be exactly the right height for penetration to be possible: if you're not, one of you will end up arching your back to allow penetration, or standing on a pile of books or a piece of furniture to get your penis and vagina in line.

This can be uncomfortable, and distract from the physical pleasure of sex. They are, however, versatile sexual positions, in the sense that they can be used anywhere at any time with only a little undressing (or indeed none at all!)

Kneeling sex pictures

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

Sitting and kneeling for sex is probably a novelty more than anything else for most people. These sexual positions never feature in the lists of people's top ten favorites - one survey showed these positions were used for sex less than once in every fifty times a couple have sex.

This may be because they're just not very enjoyable, difficult to get into, or simply not very satisfying physically. Their biggest advantage must lie in the fact that they're so unusual and it's different and exciting to try them out.

Having said that, sitting positions can be good for a couple who lack flexibility and who therefore want to make love in a chair rather than on the bed.

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