Side By Side Sex Positions

The leisurely and romantic side of sex

Side by side sex positions

Side by side sex with the partners facing each other is probably the most common sex position after from man on top, woman on top and rear entry. 

Sex positions.jpgThe easiest way to get into these sexual positions  is to start in the man on top or missionary and then roll over onto your sides, with the woman's legs high up as shown.

It's easy to do this with your penis still in her vagina, so the flow of your lovemaking need not be interrupted. But why would you want to go over onto your sides in this way?

Well, for one thing, snuggling, kissing, cuddling and saying loving things to each other in this position is both intimate and sexy, and relaxed, too, since there is no stress or strain on your muscles as you lie there.

After you have made love in this position, which, by the way, tends to produce strong orgasms because of the long build up before you come, you can doze off with your penis still in her vagina - very sexy and a beautiful position to end your lovemaking.


Sex positions.jpgYou can also go into her from the rear when you are making love side by side. This is easier if you have a longer penis, and somewhat more difficult if you are on the shorter side.

You can enjoy many of the benefits of rear entry positions with less strain and, perhaps, less intense arousal - these sexual positions fit when the sexual passion is not running so high!

Once again, you have the ability to fondle and caress each other's bodies, and the man can kiss his partner's back, which may be extremely sexy for the woman.

Thrusting is a bit more restricted than it is in the rear entry position, but this will slow sex down and make it last longer as well. 

Remember to respect her general health - if she has sexual health or general health problems, such as hiatal hernia or gallstones, please take the time to be help her find a suitable cure or remedy which relieves the pain: you're not going to enjoy sex when there are health issues, however trivial they may seem, affecting your well-being, or that of your partner.

Both partners are likely to find cuddling from behind very sexy - the close proximity of his genitals to her vulva and her buttocks to his penis will most likely turn on both partners if they lie together like this for any length of time.

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

If you want to introduce a bit of spice into these sexual positions, you can try a few variations like the ones shown above. They'll have the effect of changing the tightness of her vagina and producing some interesting sensations for both of you. T

These sexual positions are restful, romantic, and sensuous, it's true, but they have many other advantages as well. For a start, they allow a man to maintain his erection and last a long time.

This is partly because he can't thrust as much in this position (which always tends to make a man come quickly), and partly because his partner's vagina wraps tightly around his penis, so keeping him erect.

Small movements of either partner's body during sex serve to keep their sexual arousal high but aren't so stimulating that either his arousal or hers spirals rapidly out of control - this way, a man won't have any fear of coming quickly.

Then, during sex in almost any variation of these positions, if either partner leans back, that is to say, if they move their upper bodies away from each other (as they are lying on their sides), they can get a good look at each other, play with each other's breasts and nipples, fondle each other's buttocks, and, best of all, look down and see the sheer sexiness of his penis entering her body

Either partner can give her clitoris the attention it deserves, arousing her slowly - or quickly, depending on how turned on she is -  so that simultaneous orgasm while he has his penis inside her vagina becomes a real possibility. 

With a bit of a stretch, these sex positions allow her to reach around and feel his penis and balls; he can  do the same, enjoying the wetness of her vulva and the feel of his penis sliding in and out of her body.

If a couple lean in towards each other, they can kiss, embrace and snuggle up to each other, which can produce a strong sense of intimacy and connectedness.

Side by side positions offer a loving, gentle romance, in which either partner can make the hip thrusts that keep the physical sensation alive as the emotional connectedness increases.

There aren't many disadvantages to sex in these positions. Depending on what you think of as a disadvantage, some aspects of this kind of sex may not appeal to you, but this is a matter of personal taste rather than anything else.

For example, rampant hard thrusting is not possible, as the positions are geared to more gentle lovemaking. But you can achieve deep penetration, good ejaculatory control, close touch and intimacy, and long-lasting lovemaking very satisfactorily.

One great advantage is that if you're not very supple, it may be a lot easier to enjoy these sexual positions than, say, conventional man on top or woman on top. They put less strain on the lovers and require a lot less physical effort than, say, straightforward man on top or woman on top.

And, by the way, if you're pregnant or fat, side by side is a great position for a woman with a large belly! 

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