Rear Entry Sexual Positions

Rear entry sexual positions

What's the big deal about sex from the rear? Well, rear entry sexual positions are exciting for men, that much we all know.

But many woman think sex in this position is the bees knees as well, because they get the thrill of something that feels very naughty, even forbidden, and they can indulge their secret fantasies of being taken from behind or being sexually submissive in this sexual position.

There's also something earthy and powerful about rear entry sex: it has a highly exciting excitement factor! Let's not deny it, this one's a real turn-on for both sexes! And it's not just for a couple who love each other - apparently women find it a great turn on in one night stands as well as in loving relationships. Mind you, a woman who tries this may find a man is quicker to fall in love with her than he might otherwise be!

But there are other things that make it so good for so many couples. If you have matching angles in your erect cock and vagina, you can find a way of fucking from behind that presses the most sensitive parts of your penis onto the most sensitive parts of her vagina in an exquisitely delightful combination of genital joy.

That's a recipe for sparks to fly - but just taking a Sex positions.jpgwoman from behind, seeing your penis sliding in and out of her vagina, wet with her juices, between her buttocks, underneath her anus, is about as sexy as it gets for most men.

And for a woman, presenting her ass so lewdly in this sexual position feels highly sexual, as she waits to be taken. Indeed, it can be the ultimate sexual thrill for her.

Best of all, your penis may catch her G-spot in rear entry sex in a way it doesn't in any other sex position.

Combined with a bit of clitoral stimulation, the recipe's right for a lot of women to reach orgasm - if, that is, their man can hold off his ejaculation for long enough!


Sex positions.jpgRear entry sex is very exciting for most men: it's a powerful turn-on for us to see our penis moving in and out of a woman's body, and to be able to enjoy the sight of her bottom as we thrust in and out of her vagina.

To produce a different angle of penetration, and tickle different bits of her vagina with your cock, you can lift one leg as shown here: you'll be able to give her greater pleasure if you know in advance where the most sensitive spots in her vagina are located: that way you can direct your penis to the places most likely to give her pleasure.

You'll see in this photo that this sexual position makes it much easier to get to her clitoris Sex positions.jpgthan when she's bending forward from the waist over a bed, or standing on the floor bending over at the waist.

And since your pleasure is directly related to hers, you'll probably want to adopt this position so you can get to her clitoris - unless, that is, she's giving you a special present - a quick fuck from behind!



Sex positions.jpgStanding rear entry sexual positions are some of the more unusual ones.

Whether the woman is standing upright, as shown here, or bending forwards so that her hands touch the floor while her man stands behind her to penetrate her, neither of them will be able to make much in the way of hip thrusts.

To get over this difficulty, he can hold her around the waist and pull her back along his penis rhythmically: it's as though she's riding him but he's the one who's actually moving her body with his hands on her waist.


Sex positions.jpgIn this sexual position the man is consumed by lust and overcome by his desire to thrust deeply into his partner.

In fact the picture shows the man actually coming inside his partner - he has grasped her at the moment of his orgasm and pulled himself as deeply into her as he can.

The arch of his back is an instinctive part of a man's orgasm which presumably evolved to ensure that as much semen as possible is deposited deeply into her vagina.



Sex positions.jpgSome people think that the rear entry sex position is not especially affectionate. But there is a place in all relationships for lustful raw desire and the powerful sex that comes from it.

Indeed, this can be a sign of great affection and trust between partners in a sexual relationship.

The rear entry sexual position also allows the partners to play at being dominant and submissive, or assertive and  passive as they choose.

A little gentle hair-pulling - or even a fiercer form of spanking and scratching - can be part of a couple's sexual repertoire if they so choose.


Sex positions.jpgAn interesting variation of rear entry sex has the woman lying face down with the man lying  more-or-less full length on top of her. This is a good sexual position for a man with a long penis: so if you're generously endowed, and you sometimes think you can't get it all in, then try this position with your partner's legs close together and your legs on the outside of hers.

You won't be able to get your cock deep into her vagina, but you will feel the pressure of her thighs and labia on your penile shaft - this sexual position can feel just like the real deal of vaginal penetration, so you'll get a great deal of sensation and pleasure!

At the same time you'll avoid the danger of crashing your sensitive spot into her cervix - she's most likely only going to appreciate that if she's really, really turned on!


If you're a man with a more modest member, try the sexual positions shown above but place her legs on the outside of yours so you can get deeper penetration.

A woman is more likely to enjoy this position when she feels like taking a passive role in sex or when she wants the sensation of your weight on top of her - but make sure you support yourself enough for her to be comfortable.

Since her clitoris is not so accessible, she may not get too much from this experience in the way of sexual stimulation - but then again, what we get from sex depends on our needs and feelings at the time we make love, and these change constantly.


Advantages and disadvantages of rear entry sexual positions!


Most men like this sex position - it's a lusty, rambunctious, arousing and, yes, downright sexy position, a real turn-on for most men.

Certainly for a man who is turned on by the sight of his partner's buttocks, and more especially the sight of his penis moving in and out of her vagina between her cheeks, this position offers the possibility of some serious arousal!

It also offers the opportunity for some deeply satisfying penile thrusting and the chance to abandon yourself in a sense of sheer lustful masculinity. 

And it can be good for women, too, who want to enjoy a sense of raunchy sexuality. Women often describe this position as one in which they can feel "dirty", which usually turns out to mean lewd, sexual and primal.

It's actually a great way to get in touch with our basic, primitive, sexual nature, and to abandon ourselves to wild, raw sex.

Enjoying the feel of such deeply instinctual urges from time to time can be very empowering for both men and women, so this kind of sex can reinforce our sense of masculinity or femininity a great deal.

There are more practical advantages to rear entry sex as well. In this position, a man's penis often hits a woman's G spot, and it may be that she gets really aroused and turned on by this, especially if she's already fairly aroused before he penetrates her.

For some women, it's the only position which enables them to reach orgasm during penetrative intercourse.

Men are likely to feel very happy and grateful to their partner when she suggests rear entry sex, or presents herself bottom up in this sexually alluring and vulnerable way.

And it can be good for a man's sense of self-esteem that she is happy to offer him the delights of this kind of sex, and good for her self-esteem that she arouses him so much in this position.

It's no exaggeration to say that if both partners are happy with it, rear entry sex can be good for their sex life and great for their relationship!

For men who want to enjoy cunnilingus without getting a crick in their neck, the rear entry sex position can permit some delightful tongue action on her vulva and clitoris before penetration. And if a man's turned on by the sight of his partner's anus, he can certainly enjoy the sight of it as he thrusts.

He can also play with her anus as his penis enters her vagina, an extra touch which some women find delightfully sexy and exciting (usual warning - don't put fingers that have been around a woman's anus into her vagina, as there may be some bacterial infection introduced to her vagina). 

Many men will find they gain extra pleasure from curling their bodies deeply around their partner and thrusting into her as they hold her breasts. This is a reflection of how deeply programmed men are to thrust, and how satisfying it can be to do so in the warm, wet vagina of a willing mate.

The woman can take an active part by thrusting her pelvis back and forth along the shaft of his penis - either allowing him to stand still while she thrusts, or matching his rhythm so that both partners thrust together.

This can produce a most arousing and enjoyable slap of his balls against her vulva as the rhythm of sex takes effect.

Disadvantages of sex in the rear entry position:

Some women feel like a sex object rather than a loved partner.

And some find the whole idea simply too challenging to be able to do it at all, whether this reaction comes from a fear of their bodies being inadequate (too big an ass, stomach or breasts too flabby, hips too wide, etc, etc), or just from a desire that sex should be a loving, romantic act.

If a woman feels this way, she's not likely to enjoy rear entry sex, nor is she likely to be willing to let her partner have it in the way that he would want to - in broad daylight, with the lights on, her backside fully visible to him as he thrusts.

(Note to women: men care a lot less about the size of your ass than you do. Think of how important penis size is to men and how unimportant it is to you, and you'll be getting the idea.) 

Men may enjoy the deep thrusting that goes with rear entry so much and be so turned on by it that a man may experience rapid or premature ejaculation. Sex in the rear entry position can be a brief and intense affair!

And obviously this cuts two ways - if a man has difficulty with delayed ejaculation, then the extra stimulation of rear entry may cause him to find ejaculation easier - because he is more aroused and more likely to be stimulated enough to ejaculate easily.

Rear entry sexual positions can be hard on the knees if the woman is kneeling on a carpet. And the same is true for her man if he's kneeling as well.

But this problem is easily dealt with by having her kneel on the side of the bed as he stands behind her, or having her bend over an support herself on a desk or chair as he enters her from behind.

Rear entry's a great sexual position for a raunchy quickie, as it doesn't require as much undressing as some positions! (Just a quick lift of her skirt, the pulling down or aside of her pants, and the loosening of his pants and underwear. Partially dressed sex can be very intense, arousing and satisfying.)

She may end up with a sore vagina - her natural lube tends to be less persistent in this sexual position, and his penis is certainly likely to produce more friction inside her vagina than in some other positions.

It all depends on how wet she is, on the shape and angle of his penis, and, to a lesser extent, on the tightness, shape and size of her vagina.

She may experience deep thrusting as painful, especially if her man has a long penis.

If his penile glans hits her cervix, this may be just mildly uncomfortable or downright painful, depending on how deep his thrusts are, how aroused she is (the more aroused she is, the less painful this seems to be), how loose her vagina is, and how hard he is thrusting.

He needs to respect her wishes if she tells him to back off, and not succumb to his instinctual desire to thrust hard and fast until he ejaculates.

He may only get rear entry sex when it's his birthday or a special occasion. Shame.

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