Sexual Positions For Adventurous Lovers

Sexual Positions For The More Adventurous Couple

Why "adventurous" sexual positions? Well, if your sex life isn't packing a punch any longer, and you want a bit of orgasmic intensity in your intimate relationships, new sexual positions can help you find the excitement that's gone missing.

You're going to come back to the place you know well (rear entry sex, man on top sex, or woman on top sex), for sure, but in between the old favorites, you can spice up your sex life with some new and different sexual positions.

But when all's said and done, new sexual positions basically have to be variations of the sex positions you know and love already - after all, there are only so many ways you can put a penis into a vagina!

What's different about these sexual positions is that because you approach sex from a different angle, you'll get a different sensation as you thrust or as she bucks her hips when you're into each other. The different sensations of sex come chiefly from the angle of penetration, the depth of penetration, and the degree of friction.

Yes, you need to be into each other in your heads too, to get the most out of sex, but assuming that you're in bed with a partner you find desirable, sexy, and who gets you aroused, the physical pleasure of the sexual positions you try will depend on the interplay of penis size, vagina size, erection angle, vaginal tightness, how wet she is, and so on....


Sex positions.jpgWatching the movements of intercourse can be very thrilling for both partners, but especially so for men. Any sexual position in which you are able to lift your body off hers and see your penis will give you extra pleasure.

To get these visual thrills, you can't beat sex in the position shown in the photograph. When you vary the speed of your thrusts, it can be even more exciting; if your partner is watching as you thrust, you're likely to feel powerful, very masculine and extremely potent! 



Sex positions.jpgFor powerful thrusting, this sexual position is just the ticket. If it's a hard 'n' horny, down 'n' dirty ride that you're looking for, try asking her to turn so that she lies with her feet over the side of the bed, her buttocks positioned just at the edge of the bed, and brace your feet against something as you thrust into her as she lies there with her vulva wide open. 



Sex positions.jpgThis sexual position gives the woman a thrill by allowing her to express her desire to be exhibitionist and daring! And of course having her pelvis opened up like this will produce a different set of sensations for her.

It's more likely to stimulate her G spot, gives ample access to her clitoris, and allows both you and her the thrill of seeing your penis glistening with her juices as you thrust.

All in all a very sexual and sexy position, but it can make some women feel vulnerable since all the action is with the man. If you're a woman who feels like this, make sure you let your partner know how you're feeling when you want to change to a more comfortable sexual position.

Sex positions.jpgIn the sexual position shown here, a couple will feel more equal in their sexual roles. They can embrace each other with a great sense of physical and emotional connection and they will feel intimately bonded, especially if they gaze into each other's eyes.

Although both partners' ability to make hip thrusts is rather limited, this sitting sex position is perfect for tranquil, tender and slow lovemaking.


  Sex positions.jpgThis is a sexual position that allows a man to feel in charge when you're enjoying more vigorous lovemaking. It's great when you want to feel powerful and perhaps enjoy a sense of your rampant masculinity.

You can get deeper penetration when your partner arches her back slightly so her vagina is raised and open.

You can make this easier if you lift and support your partner's pelvis, while pulling her slightly towards you. Many women like to have their buttocks parted in this position, which will gently stretch and open their anus.

Thrusting in this sex position creates strong sensation in her vagina, to which you can add by supporting her with one hand while you use the other to play with her clitoris.

Should you have trouble coming during intercourse, there's some great information on retarded ejaculation and its cure available on the internet.


Sex positions.jpgWhen a woman wants to get down and dirty, there's no better way for her to express her burgeoning sexual needs by riding her man in the sexual positions shown in the photo to the left.

She's free to move fully around, up and down, sideways: in fact, she can move in any way she likes, and she can raise and lower herself on her man's penis, bringing him great pleasure, while she ensures he penetrates her as deeply as she wishes.

It's a powerful sexual position in every way, and it's better than the classic woman on top position where she rides her man in a squatting position since she doesn't have the same strain on her legs.

She can also give her clitoris the extra attention it needs to bring herself off, perhaps combining this with powerful thrusting against her G-spot. It's also a good sexual position for anal sex.

 A diversion, just for fun....

  Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg     

If she turns round and faces her man, there's the added dimension of being able to kiss and look into each other's eyes as you move towards your orgasms. Again, the slight parting of her buttocks that her squatting position produces can feel very sexy and exciting for her.

With all such sexual positions, penetration can be very deep. The woman should lower herself carefully onto your penis; until you have established a suitable rhythm you'll want to go slowly so as to avoid jarring her cervix.

To maintain the squatting position shown here, the woman needs to be quite supple and flexible in her hips and thighs. She may find it easier to kneel astride you. You can then surrender to the pleasure of what she's doing by lying back and enjoying it!

There are four more variations of familiar sexual positions shown here. When you're making love, it's important to prepare properly for the moment of penetration since it signals a move from sensual play to serious, intimate connection.

In the first two pictures, the couple are just playing: he has not penetrated her, but they are moving towards more intimate connection.

 Similarly, both you and your partner need to be ready for the physical and psychological transition to this deeper position of intimacy: above all, don't rush it.

If you are both ready for penetration, you'll be fully aroused - she will have a swollen vulva, her labia will be a deeper color, her vagina will be moist with her natural lube - and your penis will be hard and fully erect, perhaps producing droplets of pre-come.

You can put your hand down to her vulva to see how wet she is: she may also show you that she is ready for penetration with small wave-like motions of her hips, or even powerful thrusting movements.

She may moan and press her vulva against your hand when you touch her. These are all signs that she is psychologically and physically ready for penetration, but you should still ask her if she is ready for you, or ask her if you can enter her.

This gives her a sense of control over the moment of penetration - the most psychologically vulnerable moment in a woman's life. And if you have any difficulty entering her, simply guide your penis into her with your hand or ask her to position herself so that you can get in more easily.

You can even ask her to guide your penis in: this can be extremely sexy!

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg  

Sex positions.jpg Sex positions.jpg

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