Manifesting reality

Law of Attraction

Make no mistake about it, the Law of Attraction offers the best possible way for anyone who is in circumstances which are not ideal for them (and isn't that all of us, in one way or another?) to find a way of life that will fulfill all their expectations and desires.

Almost everyone these days, I think, has heard of the Law of Attraction, because the publication of The Secret in 2006 brought the whole field of manifestation and wish fulfillment (or wish creation) to widespread public attention in way that has never been achieved before, or since.

Not even the writings of Napoleon Hill at the turn of the 19th and 20th century can match the success of The Secret, a fact which is probably attributable to the presentation of the material by Rhonda Byrne.

You see, although nothing was revealed in The Secret that was revolutionary or new, it was certainly presented in a much more up-to-date style, commensurate with the digital age.

The fact is, writings like Napoleon Hill's (and other experts such as Wallace Wattles and Neville Goddard), were produced in what looks to us like a boring style, more suited to an age long before we were educated to expect entertainment and information from the Internet and all its derivative technology.

Nowadays we need visual presentations to convey the concepts easily and quickly in a way that aligns with the way most people think and feel.

So far so good, but the question is really this: does the concept of manifestation or the law of attraction have any relevance to our ability to control the world around us?

Law Of Attraction

I think the answer to that is undoubtedly "yes". I've been researching manifestation and the law of attraction for many decades, exploring many different areas of expertise and experts such as Anthony Robbins, Jack Black, Byron Katie, and so on. I have come to the conclusion that, at the end of the day, achievement of success in manifestation (i.e. getting what you want) can only come from your own efforts, and from your own intention.

What I mean is that most people look outside themselves for solutions to the difficulties they face in life. The concept of personal responsibility, no matter what field of human endeavor you look at, seems to be a remote and indeed perhaps an old-fashioned concept. Yet if we are not responsible for our fortunes, the question arises, who unearthed possibly could be?!

Yet, when you talk to people about the circumstances in which they find themselves, what you quickly come to understand is that very few people are ever going to blame themselves, or even see that they perhaps have the power to get themselves out of their current situation into a much more delightful and desirable place - emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

Indeed, blame is the order of the day yet blaming other people for what happened to you, even if it's true, will not change a single thing nowadays.

It's true that you may have had a horrible sexual experience with your first girlfriend or boyfriend. It's true that might have been abused by your family or what you thought were your "friends". It is true that you might have suffered in life, and been unable to sustain good quality relationships with a person of the opposite sex.

But make no mistake about it you can go to all the workshops in the world, and you can read all the books that have ever been written on the law of attraction and manifestation, but until the day comes when you are able to take personal responsibility for your own welfare and understand that the key to escaping your history lies right within you now, nothing is going to change.

These are hard words for many people to grasp and understand, because, as I said, the concept of accountability and responsibility are generally not respected or understood these days.

Manifesting a great sexual relationship

But responsibility for your own actions, or rather responsibility for the consequences of your thoughts, feelings and actions is the first step in being able to manifest a different reality.

What this means in practice, of course, is that you actually have to accept that you are the one who can change the way you live and improve the circumstances of your life today.

Whether you're looking for a better sexual relationship, better sexual performance, enjoying sex more, or simply having a wonderful relationship that is underpinned by intimacy and love, you are the person who can manifest this. Make no mistake about it: making reality what you want it to be is something that is possible for everyone. The truth is that reality made into what you desire, consciously or not.

The reason you might not be doing this at the moment is because you don't understand the connection between your thoughts and the form in which the world around you is manifested, or because you don't understand the connection between your role in reality creation and what's around you.

You are solely responsible for the creation of the world that you live in. Yes, that's right, you alone are responsible for the creation of the world that you live in. The truth of the matter is that 95% in fact, probably 97% of people in the world around you today are drifting aimlessly through life with no intention, no clarity, no purpose.

How to manifest the partner you want

If you talk to people about what their "mission" might be, you're going to get a load of answers which range from the downright ridiculous to a state of absolute bafflement. Mission, purpose, fulfillment? What?

Those are concepts which we don't like to talk about, and indeed we talk about very rarely because it's easy to distract ourselves with the Internet, with computer games, with all the distractions of the digital age.

But using such distractions takes people away from themselves, it takes them out of relationship with other people, and it destroys the possibility of connection and healing because emotional pain is diminished by the distractions of technology. That makes effective and intentional use of the Law of Attraction even more essential...

For our distractions are almost like addictions: in days gone by, people used to take drink and drugs, or smoke, or seek out sex, as distractions to soothe their wounded inner child.

These days we seem to use technology SmartPhones in particular to distract ourselves. What a price we are paying in terms of not understanding the connection between ourselves and the world around us, or between our intentions and the creation of our own reality.

So please don't fall for the assumption or the widespread belief propagated by people who don't want you to succeed that there is no possibility of you changing the reality of the world around you.

You are the person who can do the most to change the world around you, and unless you actually start to do it now you're never going to discover your own power and potential.

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