Man On Top Sexual Positions

The Most Familiar - And Popular - Sexual Positions

Sexual Positions With The Man On Top

These sexual positions are the "been there, done that" side of sex. The idea of man on top gets a bum rap for being so familiar, boring almost, yet these positions are the ones that people use over and over again!

We crave excitement in our sex lives, and certainly like to look at pictures of people engaging in sex in the most unlikely sexual positions you could ever imagine, but when it's time to get down and dirty with our loved ones, these sexual positions are the ones most of us choose!

So there'd better be some good reasons for this, or we've got a problem explaining why we keep coming back for more. It looks like a case of familiarity breeds orgasmic satisfaction - which, after all, is what sex should be about (unless it's for making babies, and that can be fun as well as satisfying).

The first thing to ask is why women like having their lover on top in these sexual positions so much. And let's make no mistake about it, like it they do: over half of all sex features the woman lying beneath the man.

Women say they like this position best when they have their legs wrapped around their partner's back. Men just like it, full stop.

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There are five pictures below which show you what they mean. See how the romantic aspect of sex comes to the forefront: man on top is a very loving sexual position, one in which you can appreciate your partner's body to the full, and kiss him or her whenever you want.

Even better, not to mention sucking on her breasts if you're the man, watching him reach orgasm during sex and playing with his balls if you're the woman. The man can get a hand down to her clitoris, which will delight the woman, and enable the man to produce a woman's orgasm as he thrusts into her. Pleasing her and making her reach orgasm is not difficult.

When you add in the fact that you can raise yourself on your arms or lower yourself right down to feel your partner's breasts between you, pressing on your chest, the sheer intensity of this sex position becomes obvious.

For a woman, it's not just about lying back and thinking of when you last painted the ceiling - it's an engaging sex  position in which there's huge potential for romance and loving interaction between the partners.

But here's the thing - it's great for a good hard fuck, too. If you're a woman who likes a session of vigorous sex, there's no denying that having your lover on top in a sex position allows him to thrust hard and deep.

This could just tickle your fancy, and perhaps even give you an orgasm during intercourse if you have a sensitive G-spot or a clit that lies close to the entrance to your vagina. 

And you can draw him into you - just as deep as you like - by wrapping your legs around him and pulling him in close. Drumming a rhythm on his buttocks as he thrusts will excite him more, spur him on to greater efforts, and probably make him ejaculate all the sooner!

If he's the kind of two minute man who ejaculates prematurely, this position may make sex a short lived affair, for there's nothing like deep thrusting to get a man ready for shooting his load.

One way for him to deal with this - and give you longer lasting thrusting - is to stay in the same sex position but for him to make shallow thrusts - the ones that just tickle that sensitive tissue just inside your vaginal opening.

One deep thrust and then eight shallow ones is a good rule of thumb if you want to enjoy a long drawn out session of sexual intimacy - and don't forget to look into each other's eyes as you enjoy it! Mmm...very sexy!

And what's more, by drawing him into you as he's on top, you might be able to bring your clitoris into close contact with his body, creating a very nice friction as you move that brings you towards your orgasm, especially if you make circular hip movements or you rock your pelvis from side to side.

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Kissing and fondling are vital elements of sex play, even if you're a man into deeper and faster thrusting! She can stroke and caress your back, running her fingers up your spine and across your buttocks.

She will enjoy a close embrace as you make love, with the sensations of so much skin to skin contact adding to her sense of security.

And, by the way, if you're a man whose penis is less than generously sized, you're probably going to want to get to know the sexual position second along the top row of pictures very well, since it's going to give you the deepest penetration and the best sensations!

Even better, if you move your legs closer together, and she spreads her legs wider apart, you'll be in a good position to grind against her clitoris, giving her a vulva massage with your pubic mound - a massage that's likely to have some effects no ordinary massage ever would!

You're going to have to be fit and athletic to use the sexual position in the fifth photograph above.

Whatever your fantasies, especially you men out there, about having a woman who can put her legs around her ears and present herself to you in the most open way possible, as you plunge deep into her, you might find the dream is better than the reality!

A more comfortable sexual position is for her to have just one leg raised over one of your shoulders. You can then thrust more easily and at the same time increase the pressure on her vulva and clitoris from your body so that she is more likely to come.

And for those who fancy themselves as gold medal winners in the sexual Olympics, take a look at the next photograph. It certainly represents man on top sex, but you'll have to find out by trial and error whether it's a sexual position you want to try.

What makes something as extreme as this into a pleasure or a pain is down to the intimate anatomy of the couple concerned. If you have the right shaped penis, with an erection whose curve fits her vagina in just the right way, it might work for you.

What turns a man on most? For many a men it's probably the sight of himself plowing a furrow in the folds of flesh presented to his gaze by his lover.

Men like to watch things - especially themselves having sex when you're the ones doing it in sexual positions where the man's on top. See how to do this in the photos below.

Sex positions.jpg

Sex positions.jpg

Sex positions.jpg

Sex positions.jpgIf you're feeling especially loving, try the sexual position you see on the left. You might find it rocks your world a bit, especially if you're having sex on the bed.

But once you get over the instability of the position, and learn how to stay upright, you can keep your erection inside your lover's juicy parts for as long as you want without coming - and more or less without losing your erection.

It's a simply wonderful position for the longest lasting intimacy you can get. 

Sex positions.jpgAs for this pic, the position might be man on top but the sex has echoes of the rear entry sexual position.

Sex like this is also great for anal if that's what turns you on, but in either case it certainly allows the man to enjoy something we're all partial to if we're honest about it - a good session of dominant sex, the kind of rip-roaring sexual intercourse in a sexual position that reinforces those deep-down urges to dominate our woman during sex.

If she likes a good hard session of thrusting, this could be a good one for her too, allowing her to lie back and be taken, perhaps fulfilling her fantasies about being submissive and overpowered (which turns out to be the most common fantasy women have about sex).

You can both act it out in this way and stay safe! In addition, another great benefit of this sexual position is that she has her legs together - the extra pressure this exerts on your penis as her vagina tightens around it can be very sexy.

It's also possible to have your legs outside hers when she's lying on her back and you're on top of her - again, the extra pressure on your penis is very exciting.

The man on top sexual position - the most popular of all!


It's a romantic sexual position, and you can gaze into each other's eyes as you make love. And that's good because if you're into a romantic affair, making love is always more enjoyable when you have romantic, sensuous sex that conveys your affection for each other.

The woman can bring her legs up in many different angles and positions which will alter the pressure on her sensitive vaginal spots and the head and shaft of your penis. This allows you to fine tune your sex play until you find the position that provides the greatest pleasure for both of you.

The angle of your partner's legs and the height and angle of her pelvis (which can be altered by placing a cushion under her butt) will alter the depth to which you are able to penetrate her.

Deeper penetration in this sexual position can be extremely pleasurable for you as the male partner, though if you have a long penis you may need to adjust what you're doing so that you don't go into her vagina too deeply and hit her cervix - she may find this a thrust too far!

You can kiss your partner's breasts and nipples as you make love, a sexy and exciting thing for both of you. 

You can kiss her mouth as you make love, which adds to the romance of this position.

And better yet, you can talk to each other easily as you have sex in the man on top sexual position - which is a good way of communicating your likes and dislikes, and letting each other know what you want and what you don't want!

You can make deep hip thrusts during lovemaking which will add to your sexual pleasure and the power of your orgasm and ejaculation - though these may also be a cause of premature ejaculation.

Your partner may like to have a sense of being dominated, or may enjoy the feeling of being protected by you. It's an intimate position in which women can feel snuggled and loved as they give themselves to their partner.

Man on top sex allows for a lot of skin to skin contact which can be sensuous and erotic for both of you.

Depending on how much you're supporting yourself on your hands and arms, your partner may be able to reach down and play with her clitoris: given enough time, she may reach orgasm during intercourse.

If you kneel back, you can watch your penis moving in and out of your partner as you make love: you'll get turned on fast!

There's great satisfaction for a man in holding his partner and thrusting deeply into her - it seems to fulfill some deep need. Certainly, the urge to thrust can be very powerful, and the orgasm and ejaculation that comes from doing so can be very deeply fulfilling. 

It's very easy to roll over into the side by side sex position from the conventional man on top: in fact, side by side sexual positions are difficult to get into in any other way.

Disadvantages of the man on top sexual position:

You have to support yourself on your elbows, knees, feet and hands if you don't want to squash your partner. Although lying on her can be nice for a while, you need to get off her before she stops breathing!

You won't be able to feel much of her body - with your hands, that is - when you're making love in the man on top sexual position, unless you try some sexual acrobatics. In particular, unless you're kneeling as you penetrate her (which may not be possible for less flexible men, or men with a short penis), you won't necessarily be able to get to her clitoris as you thrust.

In some variations of the man on top position, especially those where you're supporting your weight on extended arms as you thrust, so that your bodies are not in close proximity, your partner may be able to play with her own clitoris, but let's face it, this isn't the same as having you do it!

Some couples place a vibrator between them or use a vibrating toy which fits around the man's penis to help the woman reach orgasm during intercourse.

Then again, you might find that she gets enough pleasure just from having you penetrate her and thrust into her vagina, especially if she's already come through oral sex or masturbation before you make love.

The man may get tired if lovemaking goes on for a long time, as his weight rests on his arms. Certainly man on top can make a man come quickly.

The woman's ability to thrust her hips and pelvis tends to be rather limited, since she has a big man (that's you!) lying on top of her.

Get off her and she'll be able to move her hips in a sexy way that will have you shooting your load before you know it. Then again, if she wants, she can lie back and enjoy it! Either way, she won't feel like she's in charge of sex in this position, though!

Men who come quickly during sex may find that the deep hip thrusts possible in this position will speed up their ejaculation even more. And self-restraint can be difficult, since the position is so arousing!

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