Sexual Techniques

Sexual Intercourse and Orgasm

Sex Position C

man on top sex

The above sexual position is a development of the position below.

man on top sex

Its advantages are that the vaginal opening is narrower, and the woman's inner thighs contribute to stimulating the penis.

The man experiences added stimulation from it, and the woman enjoys the sense of seizing the penis and feels a stronger stimulation on the clitoris, despite the shallower insertion.

Position C is recommended for the man with partial erection, for the union of sex organs which are mismatched in size, and for the woman in early pregnancy when relatively shallow intromission is advisable.

Also, Position C can be used to prevent rapid contraction of the penis following orgasm and to allow the woman to rest after intercourse while indulging in the satisfaction of securing the penis.

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Sex Position D

man on top sex

In this variation the woman's legs are locked around the man's hips or buttocks.

Since her legs rest on his back, the woman can raise them high - so she may use this posture as a preliminary step to moving her legs higher (see below).

In position D, her hips should move along with the man's movements. With more experience she can take over the leadership in sex movements, while her male partner rests.

Intromission is deeper as her legs are spread wide, but with the vaginal opening drawn fully apart, this position may not be suitable for women who have had babies. During the sex act the air in the vagina may be pressed out, emitting a vaginal fart, especially when the legs are lowered.

But there are some advantages to it. The woman feels the penetration deeply during sex as the penis glans hits against the cervix or uterus and there is an additional stimulation from the light tapping by the scrotum on the perineum and the anus.

The peculiar, pleasant sexual sensation she feels more powerfully in this sexual position than in Position D cannot be enjoyed in any other man on top position. Compelled to move the lower half of her body to the rhythm of the man's sex movements, as in Position D, she may unconsciously move in synchrony. This is, perhaps, a way in which a devoted and long term couple can express their love.

It may also be a way in which a woman who wants to be in a loving long term relationship can express how she feels for her man - perhaps indicating her deep love for him, and her willingness to open up for him! You may feel she is thereby finding providing an example for you, if you want to know how to make a man fall in love with you, or to make a man so connected and loving that he will want to marry you! Sex can be a useful way of getting a man's commitment.

To hold her raised legs in place, she can either grasp her knee caps or hold them against the man's arms.

Sex Position F

This sexual position corrects the disadvantage of wide vaginal opening. The ankles must be held outward with the hands to keep the thighs close together.

This position prevents contact of the upper part of the body but nevertheless, intromission is adequate, the captivity sensation of the penis is sufficient, stimulation of the clitoris is made easier, and the farting sound is eliminated. This position is suitable for women who have given birth to babies and men with incomplete erection.

The movement in this upright position is more intense for the woman and gives her a pleasant illusion of being pushed downwards. The feet over his shoulders are set as if to clamp his neck, and the thighs should not be spread too wide. This is achieved if the woman holds her thighs with her hands, which act at the same time gives better stability.

Sex Position H

Sex in this position enables the two partners to draw their bodies closer together.

The woman's hips are twisted to either the right or the left as though to sit on the man's hips, with legs closed. In addition she experiences a different sensation from this angle. Intromission is not as deep as in Position G. As the thighs are not folded too sharply, obese women will find this position comfortable.


The man's posture in the man on top sex position (also known as female supine or male dominant) is determined by how he supports his own weight with his arms and legs.

The man's upper body is in close contact with the woman's. In coital movements his chest stimulates her breasts and by supporting himself on his elbows he can stimulate her breasts and nipples with his palms and fingers.

With their heads close together the two can kiss, and depending on their physiques, he can twist his body to kiss her breasts. This adds a lot to the sexual sensation of most women.

Against the above advantages there are some drawbacks: The man easily tires and as his head is poorly supported he is likely to rest his head against her face or breast. Consequently, this position does not favor the overweight man. And he needs to support his weight during lovemaking. Another disadvantage is that the man's ability to move is somewhat restricted.

But even though man on top sex position prevents the man from resting his whole weight on his sexual partner, it gives him more options in his sexual activity.

He can admire her body and even watch the movement of his penis as he thrusts in and out of her vagina - watching penetration is a real turn on for most men!