Delayed Ejaculation

The inability to come during intercourse

For most people, the idea that a man might not be able to ejaculate during sex is absolutely bizarre and very hard indeed to understand.

Yet this is a surprisingly common problem that occurs in approximately 10% of men in every population in the world -- and, considering that it is so common, we have a duty to find out what might be causing this widespread failure to reach orgasm ejaculate in the male gender.

Why? Because it goes against a lot that we assume about the male sexual drive, and a lot we take for granted about male sexuality. And if something strange is happening in the world of sexuality, then we need to explore it, to find out what may be happening in society at large.

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In popular culture, of course male sexuality is often depicted as an insatiable, uncontrollable urge which every man experiences for most of his life -- and indeed, when making love this expresses itself very often as premature ejaculation than anything else.

But the truth of matter is that delayed ejaculation - the inability to ejaculate in a reasonable timescale -  is a very common condition.

So why would a man develop the inability to ejaculate during sex, or at least experience a very long delay between intercourse beginning and reaching his climax?

Note: if you're not interested in explanations, you can find out how to stop this problem spoiling sex by doing some simple research.

Well, it can be a complicated condition. No matter how desirable it might be to imagine that there is a simple explanation for the problem, an explanation based in penile insensitivity or some similar physical explanation, the truth is that this is often an emotional problem.

It may be that a man is scared of intimacy, angry at women, or detached from his own sexuality.

It may be that he is disconnected from his own heart (for which read "sexuality and sensuality") and unable to connect with his own feelings of arousal during sexual stimulation. And so he cannot become aroused enough to reach the point of ejaculation.

But what kind of emotions would cause a man not be able to ejaculate during sex? Shame and disgust about sex are high on the agenda, of course but we have to keep in mind the factor of low arousal.

The reasons a man experiences low arousal during intercourse is because his body is not responding to stimulation and he's getting from his partner during sexual activity.

This implies a disconnect between the mountains sensory input, whether it be to his body, or to his mind, and the consequences in terms of stimulation of the nervous system.

That disconnect can be due to anxiety, or it can be due to fear, and very often when the origins of delayed ejaculation are explored, it transpires that a man may be unable to form a close and intimate relationship with a woman. And if you think that applies to you, or you simply want to overcome delayed ejaculation as easily and quickly as possible, you can explore possibilities for effective treatment here.

Having worked with many men over the years who have delayed ejaculation, it's my impression that anger towards women which is repressed under the file is the most common calls of delayed ejaculation -- the manifestation of the anger being an attack on the mentor giving of himself which a man needs to engage in successfully connect with a woman during lovemaking.

Many experts including Bernard Apfelbaum have explore this issue in much more detail, and you can read about some of their observations here - delayed ejaculation


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