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Sexual Positions Variations

If, starting from the so-called missionary sex position, the woman draws up her knees to her shoulders, penetration will be easy and deep. Intercourse in this sexual position also gives the woman the satisfaction of repeated stimulation of the clitoral area by the pressure exerted by the man's pubic bone.

She can also increase her sensations by moving the lower part of her body, and by clasping the man's body with her legs she can encourage and reinforce his thrusting movements.

A further variation, though one that demands a degree of suppleness that not all women possess,  is for the woman to raise her legs further until her calves are resting on the man's shoulders.

This sexual position produces a more intense sensation than the previous one, but because penetration is very deep, it is recommended if the partners want intercourse to result in pregnancy.

If this is the object, then it is a good idea for this sex position to be held for a short time after the man's ejaculation. To avoid strain a pillow can be put under the woman's buttocks to maintain the downward tilt of the vagina.

Flexion and tension

Another natural development of the man-above, woman-below sex position is for the man to raise himself onto his knees and for the woman to arch her body so that he can enter her. The man helps her raise her buttocks by clasping his hands under them.

Ensure she is well lubricated, as lack of lubrication can cause friction, and that in turn can encourage the growth of yeast cells, or Candida albicans.

By drawing her toward him simultaneously as he thrusts, deep and mutually satisfying penetration can be achieved. The visual stimulus that the man gets from seeing the woman's body tautly arched is one of the benefits of this position, and another is that it makes the woman flex her genital muscles.

This sex position is difficult to maintain for any length of time, but as a variation during intercourse it can give both man and woman exquisite satisfaction.

It goes without saying that a degree of physical fitness is required for this position, however, and it is not suitable for obese lovers.

Different levels for sexual positions

Lovers who undress each other often discover for themselves the pleasure of sexual intercourse on two levels, for example, where the woman is lying back over the edge of the bed and the man is standing or kneeling (depending on the height of the bed) on the floor.

As sex should not be confined to the bedroom, the dining room table will serve just as well for these sexual positions. Apart from the excitement of novelty, the man obtains a strong visual stimulus, and the woman the satisfaction of deep penetration.

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If the woman leaves her legs dangling over the edge of the bed or table, all movements will be made by the man, with a combination of thrusting pelvic movements and pulling of the woman toward him by her hips.

The woman may, however, cross her ankles behind the man's back and thus be able to exert pressure to influence his movements. This will also have the advantage of freeing his hands so that he can stimulate her breasts and clitoral area.

A further variation on the dual-level sex position is for the woman to rest her calves on the man's shoulders.

This not only allows the deepest penetration, but also enables the woman to use the muscles of her thighs and buttocks to tighten her grip upon the man's penis.

Woman on top sex position

The partner in the upper position in intercourse obviously has the greater freedom of movement and therefore will be the more active, but there is no reason why the partner in the so-called "superior" position should be the man.

Both men and women can obtain great satisfaction, both psychological and physical, when the  woman takes the upper position and the sexual initiative that goes with it.

In some cases, where the man is very much heavier than the woman, It is even preferable for the woman to be on top.

In the basic position in which the woman lies on the man and whole length of body contact is maintained, there are three possible variations.

The woman's legs may be outside, inside, or on top of the man's; if they are inside or on top she will be able to exert pressure with her thighs.

All three positions enable the woman to determine the depth of penetration and control the movements of intercourse.

They also have the advantage of providing continuous clitoral stimulation on the woman as the partner's pubic bones are pressed hard against each other.

Penetration can be quite deep in these positions, and the hard pressure of the whole length of the phallus against the front vaginal wall will heighten the feeling to climax.

This is a great position for the control and cure of premature ejaculation in men who wish to improve their performance as lovers.

Horse of Hector Sex Position

One of the most versatile and satisfying sexual positions is the one the Greeks called "the horse of Hector," in which the woman is astride the man and resting on her knees.

Very deep penetration can be achieved in this position, and the woman can obtain various types of genital stimulation by making pelvic thrusting movements or rocking movements or by rotating her hips. She may also lean forward, kneel upright, or lean back, supported either by the man's thighs or by her outstretched arms.

Each of these sexual variations has its advantages. Leaning forward, pressing her breasts against the man's chest and making coital movements, the woman is able to enjoy strong clitoral stimulation from the man's penis and pubic bone.

In the upright or backward position the clitoral region does not get such stimulation, but it is accessible to manual stimulation.

These sexual positions also provide the man with a very exciting visual stimulus and enable him to caress the woman's breasts. In the upright position the woman can control the depth of penetration by raising or lowering her buttocks.

If she raises herself almost clear of the man's erect penis, he or she can manipulate it so that the glans is rubbed vigorously against her labia and clitoris and in the vaginal vestibule, movements which will give great pleasure to both during intercourse.

Premature Ejaculation

How To Last Longer While Having Sex And Fully Satisfy Your Lover

Even men with lots of experience of having intercourse may find they come prematurely every so often. Because it is so prevalent, premature ejaculation is almost a natural condition.

This means that to enable them to obtain maximum sexual satisfaction and their partner in bed some men need to learn the art of preventing ejaculation.

The best way to delay your orgasm is relaxing when you make love. Muscular tension in the body (shallow breathing is the most obvious sign of this) rushes you towards orgasm dramatically.

So, if you make love in the man on top position, muscular tension is produced when you support your weight, and you tend to ejaculate more quickly than with the woman on top, when you are more relaxed.

But you can keep your body relaxed and your breathing deep and slow even in the excitement of sexual arousal.

Maintain a part of your mind on noticing how  tense you are and how deeply you are breathing is. Each time you're becoming tense, knowingly relax; every time your breathing is fast and shallow, slow it down with regular deep breaths.

These simple strategies make you last much longer in bed, and so ensure that you feel better about yourself, more confident with your partner - which will improve the quality of your relationship in every way, both sexually and outside the bedroom.

Why? Well, women want the intimate connection that comes from making love for as long as possible.

This is not enough time to satisfy most women, who often measure a man's power by his ability to last long as long as he wishes when he is fucking.

I've known men with premature ejaculation fail to deal with it simply because no matter their intentions, keeping a focus on lasting longer while having sex is a challenge - so you need to be 100% sure you want to overcome premature ejaculation.

It's all very well saying ejaculating quickly is a pin in the ass, but the wonderful feelings of sexual climax and ejaculation can overcome all your good intentions!

To make love for longer, get your head in the right place: if nothing else, do it for your partner because when she's happier in bed your whole relationship will improve.

Also, develop sensitivity to your level of arousal, know how close you are to your orgasm: don't let your ejaculation take you by surprise.

Only by knowing how near your ejaculation is can you hope to control it. Slow down the pace of sex, stop thrusting, and delay your ejaculation. Resting inside your partner as your arousal decreases.

You can practice during masturbation, using olive oil as a lube. Masturbate yourself and stop just before you actually ejaculate. Maintain an awareness of how aroused you might be, notice the signals that suggest orgasm is near - but stop before you spurt!

You may discover at first you don't have much control or awareness, but that awareness increases quickly! Before long you'll find you'll be able to keep yourself hovering on the edge of ejaculation for longer and longer.

Discover ways to stimulate yourself for up to half an hour, without reaching the point of ejaculation, several times before you finally ejaculate. It's a powerful exercise that can help you to last much longer in bed.

Even better, if you do this in intercourse with your partner, your ability to last longer improve and you'll impress yourself and your partner.