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The last taboo?


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Popular Variations On Sexual Positions

Anal Sex

For those who like anal sex it can be very good indeed. Lots of people do it, perhaps even most people try it now and again. She may get very intense sensations. He finds the tight grip of the anus very pleasurable.

Anal intercourse is very common, but it can be challenging. This is not because anal sexual positions are difficult. Rather, both partners must overcome any mental blocks that it is dirty or not nice in some way.

Also, the anus is not primarily built for sex, and needs preparation if it is to be used for anything other than its original purpose.

After training there is no reason why the anus should not accept a penis of up to one and a half inches in diameter to a distance of three or four inches or more.

Starting with a soaped finger in the bath perhaps, a woman can get her anus used to accepting penetration. It is as well to look for specially pleasurable sensitive spots - they abound in the anus as well as the vagina.

After a while two fingers can be pushed in and eventually the tips of three. There are surgical instruments designed for the purpose but a good quality thick vibrator is just as useful.

Opening the anus this way for five or ten minutes a day is adequate over the course of a week or two to prepare it for sexual intercourse.

Hygiene? You'll want to douche beforehand, and remember that anal sex can spread yeast infection between men and women very easily, so don't do this if you have any reason to think one of you has a Candida albicans infection.

There are as many variations of sexual position for anal penetration as for vaginal but generally speaking three are most used, with her laying face down, kneeling, or on her back. Face down is the best one to start with.

If the surface is firm she cannot pull away from the penetrating penis, and even if she is very keen, there comes a moment when, until she is used to it, she will try.

Also when a woman is lying face down, her buttocks prevent deep penetration by the beginner. This is therefore a good sexual position for inexperienced anal-sex couples.

Before inserting the penis it is better if he or she puts a finger or two in during love-play. At the selected moment and with plenty of lubricant on his penis and her anus he should grasp his glans and compress it with finger and thumb.

Thus reduced in size the glans is pushed against her opening so that the same finger and thumb are at the anal margin.

In this sex position they guide the penis in the right direction. Her job is to relax the muscle so his glans enters easily. For a few seconds the muscle tends to shut but it then quickly relaxes more thoroughly - only then should the shaft of the penis be pushed further in.

The technique for penetration in a kneeling sex position is identical.

When it comes to her lying on her back there is an extra tip. She needs to have a pillow under her hips and her thighs drawn well up and apart. He should kneel well astride so that he can lower his angle of approach. His penis should be about parallel with the bed.

Once he is in he can lie on her as for vaginal intercourse. She will usually prefer this position because of the clitoral involvement that goes with it, but he will need care not to penetrate too deeply.

The significant extra possibility is infection. Bacteria live in the rectum without harm. Transferred elsewhere they can be a nuisance. Always wash well before and after, not forgetting to scrub the fingernails.

Never put anything, including the penis, into the vagina after it has been in the anus without washing it first. Bacteria can be kept out of the male urethra by wearing a condom.

Another good prevention is to drink a pint of water half an hour before intercourse and urinate straight afterwards. Healthy urine is sterile and washes out the urethra.

Anal sexual positions can be a great pleasure for both partners. Only you can decide how much you want it and whether the effort of training is worth it. But anal is popular with many men and women - and there are lots of sexual positions in which you can try it. Indeed, almost two thirds of couples have tried it or do it regularly (and that's just the ones who admit it!).

And with good reason, too, for the anus is rich in sensitive nerve endings that can add an extra thrill to the pleasure of all the accessible sexual positions - not to mention the fact that something so forbidden, something so downright naughty, takes us into a whole realm of taboo-breaking. 

And why's it so popular? Well, in these sexual positions, intercourse up the anus has one big advantage for both men and women - it's tight up there! There's nothing a man likes more than a tight hole to penetrate, and they don't come much tighter than the anus.

Of course it wasn't made for entry, just exit, so there's some skill in reversing the traffic up this one way street: and finding the right sexual positions is a more important factor in anal pleasure than in any other form of sex.

You've heard all the warnings, I'm sure - about not transferring shit from the anus to the vagina, using a condom because the rectum easily transmits viruses and bacteria (we're talking AIDS here), washing well, and using plenty of lube.

Once you've got all that out of the way, you need to take up the right position for anal penetration.

Sex positions.jpgIf you want a straightforward anal thrill, the classic sex position known as doggy style is the way forward, so to speak. If you're experienced in anal sex, you'll be able to push in slowly, using lots of lube, until you're past the resistance of the inner anal sphincter.

There may be a feeling of needing to poo, but hopefully this will pass quickly.

If your partner's not into douching, you might want to use a condom to avoid getting shit on your cock. If you're not experienced in anal sex, you might want to try with a finger first, to get the feel of it.

Regardless of the sexual positions you choose, short fingernails are essential for this.

It's fun to start by massaging around your partner's anus, gently probing the center of her sphincter muscle with a few teasing strokes as you move your well-lubed fingers over the opening.

If she can relax into this, the feelings it produces can be very sensuous and enjoyable.

If she objects on the basis that this is just too dirty a place to play around, try washing together in the shower beforehand, running your fingers around and up into her anal canal while under the water jets so you can clean up before trying anything more.

As your partner relaxes, you can gradually insert more than the tip of your finger into her, moving it around in circles as you do so.

You can gently begin to stretch the anus, moving your fingers around in a circular pattern as you do so.

What you're aiming for is to get her relaxed enough to be able to take your penis without clenching up. Her main fear is that she's not going to be big enough, or maybe that she'll shit on you. You'll need to reassure her that this isn't likely to happen - and even if it does, so what? You can easily clean up in the shower.

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So: what of these sexual positions? They're mostly the same as vaginal sexual positions, except that rear entry takes on a new meaning! You can do the rear entry position while you're kneeling, as shown here, standing, or lying on the bed. All you have to do is position yourselves so that you're aiming for her anus rather than her vagina.



As always, athleticism counts for a lot! If she's flexible, and you're; strong, this can be a great way to enjoy a vigorous session of anal penetration....

If you're not, you'll probably want to try something more achievable like the  anal version of the sex position shown here.

And it follows that you can do anal while you're lying down, too. Since a lot of women feel very vulnerable in this position even when they're being penetrated vaginally, you might want to give some thought to reassuring your partner and telling her how much you love her (and how grateful you are for the privilege of being in this position!)

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